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The Tra-Mac Group, LLC will build at your location

We at Tra Mac have built many homes on 'off-site' locations or on a customers own lot. We are an expert in everything from site development, land improvements well water and septic (if required). Since we own all of our equipment, we keep it in house and don't have to hire additional subcontractors for land development. If there's a piece of land or lot you have in mind we'd be happy to walk the parcel with you, and work up a quick estimate of the total costs of building your dream home!

Comprehensive Approach

The Tra-Mac Group LLC., is the company that does all of the site development for each subdivision, because of this we have an advantage of a timely completion. We control all phases of our projects from start to finish. The Tra-Mac Group LLC., directs every aspect of a development, from land acquisition, to planning and constructing the infrastructure, to the building and sale of the finished home. By doing this, we are able to pass on to our buyers the savings and added value that Tra-Mac Group LLC. produces.

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  • Testimonials

    “We love our Tra Mac home. It turned out beautiful! We'd highly recommend them.”
    “Brad was extremely helpful, very knowledgeable, and from that moment on, I knew this would be the location and the builder that I would want to work with."
    “Mr. Thomas you not only have a company with a good reputation of building quality homes, but you have a company with valuable employees who contribute substantially to the entire process of home building."

Tra-Mac Group LLC has been the family owned and operated leader in the home building industry in Monroe County for more than 30 years.

55 ALLIED WAY, HILTON, NEW YORK • 585 392-5200[email protected]