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Images, located in the Spencerport School District and in the Town of Greece between Mill Rd and North Greece Rd., has evolved into 100+ acres of tree lined homesites with side walks and street lights where families have room to grow and neighbors know your name. The strong sense of community is evident in Images, one of Greece's most desired neighborhoods...

For More Information or to make an appointment Call 585-392-5200.

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Images Model Home Office
Contact - Todd Grady
Model Phone:
585 434-2302
Cell: 585 353-9227

331 Daffodil Tr. Rochester 14626

Model Open: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9am-5pm
Saturday and Sunday 12-5

Corporate Office: 585 392-5200
Fax: 585 392-3835

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    “TRA-MAC is right up there in terms of the quality of the build, the communication with the builder. It all came across very well. It was a joy.”
    “Brad was extremely helpful, very knowledgeable, and from that moment on, I knew this would be the location and the builder that I would want to work with."

Tra-Mac Group LLC has been the family owned and operated leader in the home building industry in Monroe County for more than 30 years.

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